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Discover a whole new world of fun and adventure with a Palomino pop-top, Slide-on Camper. This lightweight camper is designed to fit a wide range of vehicles on the road today. The Palomino brand sports a low profile for easy on and off road handling and also provides exceptional fuel efficiency.

All models feature an electric roof lift that raises by remote control, creating a spacious interior with full stand-up room and lots of convenient features. The spacious living quarters are complete with all the features you would find in a much larger RV. The exterior is constructed of a welded aluminum frame with a high density foam block insulation, and finished with a high gloss exterior fiberglass 

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Every model has zip open 3 layer windows consisting of fly screen, tinted pvc and fabric curtain. Ensuring even in those big storms you can remain dry inside.

Our model range covers all sizes and type of Ute, be it tray or tub / style side. feel free to contact us for any assistance. 

Below is an assortment of some interesting vehicles we have fitted our campers to. To see all the different types please view the photos on each camper's dedicated information page

All units come complete with nationwide guarantee, an owners information/manual pack including instruction booklets for all equipment installed. 

All units are fully complied with Australian gas and electrical compliance certificates supplied by independent licensed contractors.

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