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Fitting the Camper to Your Vehicle

Fitting by experienced technicians including the parts is free (over $700 value) with all our campers.  

Fitting and electrical take around 4 to 6 hours dependant on vehicle and requirement. As part of our service we can drop you off anywhere locally to pass the time, or you may just prefer to stay at the showroom, the choice is yours. Just prior to completion we will pick you up wherever you may be and bring you back to run through the camper and instruction booklets etc. 

To fit your camper we will place timbers on the tray so the tray is completely level, allowing for the side lips on the tray, and align to the most suitable position. 


Next we then bolt four 3mm HD steel brackets through the camper body attaching to a 3mm backing plate for added strength.


The brackets are positioned to align with suitable anchor points on your vehicle.


At this point you will have already selected what method of securing the camper you prefer such as the standard stainless steel turnbuckles chain and shackles, or you may wish to add Torklift quick release handles as seen in the photo below.


The fitting kit selected is attached, tensioned and checked. 


In order for your vehicle to provide 12 volt power to the camper and to charge the camper battery via its inbuilt 3 stage battery charger, this plug is wired into your vehicle and fitted to the rear of your cabin.


This connection will also power the campers clearance lights and any other lights required.


The plug is situated on the passenger side of the camper, as shown.


We also recommend having a battery isolator fitted close to your vehicle battery to avoid it being flattened. If you flatten your camper battery then power will be drawn from your vehicle starter battery and in turn will flatten the battery. To avoid this scenario you can simply unplug the camper from your vehicle or fit a battery isolator.


The cost of fitting and wiring is $200   


You can also fit it yourself or make your own arrangements.

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