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Introducing the all electric Palomino Explorer edition of Slide on Campers.  With all electric appliances together with a range of added features and benefits the Explorer Edition is available in all models of camper.

Features of the Palomino Explorer Edition include:-

  • 720W of solar from lightweight framed panels;

  • 340Amp Hours of Lithium batteries;

  • Three independent charging solutions:

    • Enerdrive 40A AC charger,

    • 40A DCDC charger,

    • 60A solar MPPT charger;

  • 2600W+ Pure Sine Wave Inverter;

  • Portable induction cooktop;

  • Duoetto 12v/240v 10 litre hot water system;

  • Bushman 130 litre 12v fridge;

  • Topargee fresh water gauge by the litre;

  • Renogy Battery monitor;

  • Increased storage;

  • Electric legs included;

  • Aussie Traveller 270 degree awning.


720 Watts of Solar is supplied from 6 lightweight framed solar panels.  Fitted to the roof and with 35mm clearance to allow for ventilation and maximise efficiency are 6 x 120W panels weighing just 3.3kg each.  Paired with a dedicated 60Amp MMPT solar regulator which maximises the solar input.  No opting for the highest input, the Explorer edition maximises the input from all charging sources and does so independently of any other inputs.

An Enerdrive DCDC 40+ is installed and dedicated to maximising input from your vehicle while travelling.  Capable of charging in excess of 40amps per hour on top of whatever solar is being produced while travelling.

The final charging solution is a dedicated Enerdrive 40Amp AC charger, for when you’re connected to town power or topping up the batteries if that should ever be required.

Power storage is provided by two 170Ah 12V double BMS prismatic lithium batteries.  Weighing just 15.2kg each with a 3 year warranty, 15 year design life and 3000 cycles at 100% DoD.  The twin 175Ah batteries provide a balance of available storage capacity whilst minimising weight.  Dual battery management systems provide redundancy and ensures you are never without power.

The traditional RV gas fridge, hot water system and cooktop have been replaced by efficient safe electrical alternatives. 

The Palomino Explorer edition comes with a Bushman DC130-X a 130 litre 12v fridge and winner of Best 12V Caravan Fridge 2020+2021+2022 by  Australian made the Bushman fridges have a reputation for quality and efficiency.  Whist a conventional 3 way fridge will draw on average 16Amps/hr when travelling and fridge is running on DC the Bushman average draw is 1.4Amps/hr, this means that even with minimal travel a day the overall battery consumption from the Bushman is still less than the traditional 3-way fridge.     

Hot water is provided from a Duoetto 12/240v 10 litre hot water system.  The Duoetto is lighter and more compact than the gas hot water system it replaces.  In addition, it provides an additional 10 litres of onboard water storage.  With water already available at pre-set temperature hot water can be had at any time from a trickle to a full flow shower, no minimum flow rates and wasted water to start a gas system.  Further, the water can be heated significantly hotter than that able to be produced from the standard gas system. 

Cooking facilities are provided by a portable induction cooktop.  Being portable this frees up valuable bench space whilst also allowing you to cook outdoors with the same ease and efficiency.  Simply plug into any of the included 240v outlets, there are two double outlets inside plus an additional external outlet.  But don’t worry you don’t need to be connected to 240v power, all power points are powered either by external 240v power when connected, or the onboard Enerdrive 2600W Inverter with AC transfer when you are off grid.

When activated the Enerdrive 2600W Inverter with AC transfer allows town power to pass through to power all the on-board power points and appliances.  When external 240v power is not available it will efficiently provide 240v power on demand to all the same power points.  Also included in the unit is a RCD safety switch. This switch monitors the flow of electricity through the inverter and detects any problems that may pose a risk to personal safety and switches the output power off within 0.03 of a second.  In addition, the Enerdrive 2600W inverter can seamlessly switch from AC transfer to AC production and back again.  It does this so seamlessly that even sensitive electrical equipment is undisturbed.

To complement the new Explorer edition and the ability to truly get off grid we have added a few additions to help keep track of the important things.  Batteries are monitored by a Renogy battery monitor, providing live information in a simple easy to read display of charge or discharge rates, voltage, and amp hours available among others.  We have also included a Topargee water monitor which will count down by the litre water used.  No more, full, half, empty the Topargee provides a live in line monitor for water sourced from storage while unaffected when you’re connected to town water.  When you fill the tank simply reset and you are good to go again.  The Explorer edition also comes standard with electric legs.

With the change to all electric appliances additional storage has been created.  Externally, what was once the gas compartment is now available for additional storage in a sealed compartment.  Inside space that was mostly taken up by the hot water system is now open and makes a large internal cupboard.

The final added feature of the Palomino Explorer edition is the inclusion of a 270 degree awning as standard.  From Aussie Traveller the awning projects 2.5 from the side of the camper, provides 12.5 sq m of cover and with the included wall / extension providing even more cover.  Made from 280GSM Ripstop poly-cotton canvas, it is waterproof and provides UPF50+ sun protection.

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