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Aerial and Mast
Add to Your Camper for:


Each Camper includes one free Dometic full length side awning.

The SS500, SS550, SS1200 and SS1251 include one 11ft awning.


These are top quality awnings with click-lock poles to ensure desired pitch is maintained. They are made from durable, reinforced vinyl fabric. Easy manual setup in only a few minutes. 

There is a zip all the way around the edges for attaching awning walls. 

At Palomino RV Australia, we also have 7, 9, and 11 foot awnings available for purchase and installation. 

  • 7 Foot - $520

  • 9 Foot - $420

  • 11 Foot - $460

All awnings extend out a full 7 feet. 

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