Discover a whole new world of fun and adventure with a Palomino RV pop top slide on Camper. This lightweight Camper is designed to fit a wide range of vehicles on the road today. The Palomino brand sports a low profile for easy on and off road handling and also provides exceptional fuel efficiency.

All the latest models (Backpack edition) feature an electric roof lift that raises with a keyfob remote, creating a spacious interior with full stand-up room and lots of convenient features. The spacious living quarters are complete with all the features you would find in much larger RV. The exterior is constructed with sturdy laminated fibreglass with an aluminium frame, the frame is also filled with hardwood timber to give even greater strength.

Every model has zip open clear tinted PVC and canvas window covers with strong mesh behind, even in those big storms you can remain dry inside with the camper fully set up.  

These campers are built to last. Hook up the boat and head for your favourite fishing spot in style and comfort......

In general the SS500, SS550 and SS800 suit any size ute/pick up, and the SS1200 and SS1251 are more suited to the bigger utes from Mazda BT50's, Ford Rangers to Toyota Landcruiser and Nissan Patrols due to the weight and physical size. Please feel free to contact us for any assistance.  

We can offer a range of campers to suit the majority of utes whether well/style side utes or tray versions. Single cab or space cab are easy to accommodate. We recently received an SS500 demonstration model which will suit all Australian twin cab utes. 

Below is an assortment of some interesting vehicles we have fitted our campers to. To see all the different types please visit our PHOTO ALBUMS 

Nissan Patrol 6 Wheeler. SS800T
Nissan Patrol with dog cage. SS800T
  B800 on a Ford Bronco.
B600 on Landrover TDI twin cab.

B1251 on fully restored 1983 Landcruiser.
B1200 on heavily optioned Northern Territory station owners Landcruiser 
B1251 on Ford F250 twin cab.
B1251 on Chevrolet Silverado twin cab 
B1251 on VW Transporter.
Holden Colorado B1251 @Paronella Park - Cairns

We currently have 4 different display models in our Showroom.

Models stocked SS550, SS800, SS1200, SS1251.

All models are available in "well" or "tray" versions. 

Our tray versions include lockable storage doors (two on each side) giving you a significant amount of additional storage space compared to the "Well" versions.

Here's how much additional storage space is available on the different tray models:

  • SS550     34.9 cu ft
  • SS800     38.2 cu ft
  • SS1200   40.6 cu ft   
  • SS1251   41.8 cu ft 

 " Plenty of room for camping gear, fishing rods, and general items. "

The pictures below show the two versions available to suit either a "tray" or "well" version of a tray or tub vehicle.

David and Gail
 Steve pretty valley
    A SS1251 IN A WELL VERSION.           


Each model is equipped with several Options/Upgrades including.... 

  • Keyfob remote control electric roof lift,
  • Dometic A&E awning full length either 9 or 11 feet long,
  • Dometic top of the range stainless steel (flame failure cut out model) two burner gas stove and glass lid,
  • Dometic top of the range stainless steel sink and mixer tap with glass lid,
  • In-built 3 stage battery charger,
  • Dometic 90 litre Fridge/Freezer,
  • 4-step foldaway aluminium glow step,
  • 120 Amp/Hr dry cell battery,
  • Fully vented to exterior battery box installed,
  • 12 volt over-bed 3 speed fan,
  • Filled 8.5kg gas cylinder,
  • FREE fitting to vehicle with 316 grade stainless steel turnbuckles, shackles and chain.


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All units come complete with nationwide guarantee, an owners information/manual pack including instruction booklets for all equipment installed. 

All units are fully complied with Australian gas and electrical compliance certificates supplied by independent licenced contractors.

Click here to see how campers are attached to vehicles FITTING TO VEHICLES

Please don't hesitate to CONTACT US with any questions you may have.


Arrival of our Campers.

  Storage area of our various models. 


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