Here are a few answers to some of the most common questions. 

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How do I place an order?

A $1000 deposit is all that is required to secure a camper and lock in at the price, with all the free inclusions on the day the deposit is received.
We don’t require any further payment until you collect your camper providing the camper is collected within a reasonable amount of time.This way you can be sure to avoid any price increase caused by fluctuation in US / AUSTRALIAN dollar exchange rates.

How long is the delivery time for slide on campers?

Usually around three months unless we have in stock. We encourage a deposit of $1000 to reserve a camper in a future delivery which will also secure at the current price and with all free items included. If we do have the model your require in stock since they don't need to be registered you can collect same day payment received. 

How long does it take to set up a slide on camper?

If you would like to set up whilst on your vehicle it is a simple case of unlatching the four corner latches and using the remote raise the roof and attaching the entry steps. This only takes two or three minutes. Allow another five minutes if you need to remove the camper from your vehicle. In this instance you will need to remove/unfasten all equipment used to secure the camper to your vehicle such as turnbuckles. Wind down the four jacks/stabilizer legs ensuring the camper is level and well clear of your tray or well and drive your vehicle away.   

What vehicles do slide on campers suit?

Palomino slide on campers are lightweight fibreglass units. Backpack models range from 684KG - 850KG (dry weight excluding any options). They are designed to fit any ute / pick up where the physical dimensions and weights fall within the limitations of your vehicles manufacturers specifications found in your vehicle manufacturers handbook, or specifications supplied by the vehicle's tray manufacturer if being fitted to an after market tray. In general the Backpack/Bronco will fit most Australian ute's/pickups and all US models. Please contact us with any questions you may have.  

Can I be inside my Camper when it is not on my vehicle?

Ofcourse but common sense will prevail.

  • The unit should be parked on a solid, reasonably level surface. It is required for correct operation of your refrigerator and also the slide room/s in the HS models.
  • All persons, pets and property are clear of the Camper while the leveling system (jacks/legs) are in operation.

How do you raise the roof? 

Each unit except for the HS (solid fiberglass) range comes with electric roof lift and a remote control. The roof can be raised very easily and in around 15 seconds. 

What type of warranty do you offer?

Every Palomino carries a one year warranty and each appliance is warranted by its’ manufacturer for varying periods. It is very important that you review all the literature provided in the Owner’s packet that comes with every Palomino.  If you have any questions regarding the operation of the appliances in your unit please contact us.

How do I get spare parts?

We carry a complete range of spares to cover all models. We also have several types of fitting kits available. Please see our Accessories page. 

Factory Support?

We are fully backed by the factory including technical support, manufacturing, design, and warranty information. We have a complete list of every manufacturers details for every component in a Palomino.


We supply the factory with all the electrical and gas components from double pole sockets, circuit breakers and cable, to gas fittings and gas pipe to ensure the campers meet all Australian standards. All the appliances installed are Australian approved. Imported Palomino Backpack Edition Soft Side Campers (SS Models) and Palomino Backpack Edition Hard Side Campers (HS Models), via dealers in the US are not legal for sale here in Australia and need significant modification to comply with our laws in particular Australian consumer law and Standards.

What do I need to bring with me when I collect my camper?

It really depends if you are going to go straigt off and camp in it or you are going to take it home. Here is a list to guide you.....
Mirror extensions (available all spare parts outlets, Super Cheap, Auto Barn etc). 
15 amp extension lead (10ft minimum) to plug in the unit to 240 volt (available Bunnings, all electrical and hardware stores).
A lighter to light the gas stove.
A small step ladder (2 or 3 anti-slip rungs), to assist with canvas, awnings, and roof latches.
A small shifter/wrench or 17mm spanner to loosen and tighten turn buckles.
A small shifter/wrench or pliers to loosen and tighten shackles.
A cordless drill 12 or 18 volt to utilize drill adaptor to raise or lower jacks/legs. There are manual winder handles if drill not available.
A standard 9ltr bucket.

What if I cannot pick up the camper?

If you are unable to collect the Camper,
Freight providers continually increase their charges across the board, including fuel surcharges particularly with respect to heavy/large cubed items.Here are some examples of freight costs (back-loading)...Brisbane $450, Sydney $750, Canberra $750,  Melbourne $950. All other destinations by arrangement. We have also subsidised these rates and use professional carriers. 

Who do you recommend to insure the camper with?

We have found CIL insurance have many benefits and very competitive rates.

If you choose CIL please quote referrer number 56984138 which identifies Palomino RV Australia on their database and speeds up the process.

Do you offer Finance?

Yes. We can offer finance through AAA FINANCE based in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast. Please click here for quick access to our finance page FINANCE.