Buying a Palomino Slide on Camper is often the "easiest" and most "affordable" way to see the great outdoors, especially if you already own a Ute. They can even be towed on a flat bed trailer. Palomino slide on campers also have the best resale value in Australia by far.   

We have compiled a list of reasons why you might choose a camper over other types of RVs.


Understandably, every type of RV has its own advantages, although here are some reasons to choose a slide on camper:

1.  Toys

  • You can tow a boat, horse trailer, jet ski, or anything else.

  A B800 on a flat bed trailer.
Plenty of extra storage space in the flat tray models. B1251 on Nissan Navara.

2. Storage

  • Most people have the space at home to store a camper. You can then use your Ute for everyday transportation.

3. Ease

  • Easy to drive, manoeuvre and park, offering a better turning radius, especially when going to places that you have never been before, and the ability to quickly turn can be critical. There is no need to find a large empty space to do so.
  • Backing up is easier too, as you need not worry about a larger blind spot due to the length and weight of the vehicle you are driving.
  • When they are folded away, their low profile allows for a more desired driving aerodynamic compared to larger RV’s.
  • Slide on campers have more than enough battery and holding tank capacity to last several days without hooking up at specific camping sites. Solar panels and/or generators can be hooked up.
  • Stay in smaller places where other RVs cannot fit.
  • In rain, wind or other weather conditions, you are familiar with your vehicles capabilities, to give ease and staying confidently in control.

 4. Economy

  • Save on fuel. Get better Fuel economy with better distance than a heavier RV due to a low profile and being light weight, therefore saving money and even helping the environment.
  • Save on registration. A slide on camper does not have to be registered like a motor vehicle, nor does it require motor vehicle insurance.
  • Save. A slide on camper does not need motor vehicle safety checks or expensive maintenance.
  • Save on long term costs. Less long term costs. No engine, no tyres, no registration. The Camper sits on the top of your Ute tray or inside the bed of the Ute, and does not have wheels and therefore there are fewer moving parts to worry about.
  • Save. They are far less expensive than motor homes.
  • Save. Cheaper than staying in Motels.
  • Save when you upgrade. You can upgrade your Ute and keep your camper or visa versa. No other RV offers you the flexibility, saving you considerable amounts of money.

5. Convenience

  • Having wind up or electric jacks make life easy to set up camp in a few minutes and drive your Ute away.
  • Have everything you need at hand.
  • No need for packing and unpacking suitcases.
  • Get your own meals, drinks and snacks anytime.
  • Go anywhere you can go with your Ute. This opens up limits of exploration not found in larger RV’s.

 6. Luxury

  • Camping in remote places without the discomforts. Slide on campers offer convenience and comfort without the high cost of maintaining a motor home.

 7. Competitive Price

  • Palomino RV Australia's slide on campers start at $26990 for a standard ute model and up to $75,000 for a fully loaded luxurious Palomino Hard Side model.